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Individuality is the expression of your personality. Especially when it comes to designing one's own home, it is essential to have choices. That is why our flexible and customisable solutions offer nearly unlimited design possibilities that allow you to create spaces that match your personal style. With a wide variety of design and colour options, our flexible aluminium solutions are "Simply. Better." for you and your home – no matter how you live.

Your customisation options with heroal

Match the colour of your heroal product to your design or to the current look of your house. You can choose from the full RAL colour palette. heroal coating ensures colour stability, gloss retention, weather resistance and protection against UV radiation.

Choose among different levels of gloss for the surface of your heroal products. These range from dull matt to glossy and metallic colours. Gloss levels allow you to create fine nuances with the same shade of colour so that you can match the vision you have for your home.

A textured coating creates a unique surface appearance that is significantly different from conventional colour coatings. By using different colour nuances, a wood look, for example, can be easily reproduced on aluminium.

Our in-house and industry-exclusive bending and folding service enables heroal products to be tailored to your exact requirements. Round windows and arched doors according to individual specifications can be produced quickly and in high quality. heroal can fulfil even the most unusual requests.

Your products are made to measure, which makes them suitable for any installation situation. With the help of our specialist partners, we can precisely adapt our products to your home. Thanks to the modularity of heroal products, individual requirements can be implemented quickly and easily.

Complex, precise and dimensionally accurate laser processing turns your heroal products into truly unique pieces. Logos, lettering or recesses can be individually implemented by architects, planners and building owners for unique architectural solutions.

Discover the heroal coating system

Forward-looking: heroal surface coating

For decades, heroal has been setting international quality standards for aluminium coating and ensuring compliance with all ecological requirements. With our new vertical powder coating plant, opened in late 2012 in, heroal is making an investment in the future of quality. heroal hwr powder coating meets the most stringent requirements in Qualicoat class 2 and corresponds with GSB master quality. But what does that mean for you? The weathering test proves that heroal hwr powder coating remains colourfast even under extreme conditions.

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heroal hwr (high weather resistance) coating for windows, doors and façades is optimally adapted to the double-layer thick lacquer coating for roller shutters and roller garage doors and is available in hundreds of RAL colours with high surface quality. Our industry-leading surface coating provides comprehensive options for a wide variety of requirements and styles. heroal offers the optimum solution for any building project.

  • Renovating old buildings
  • Modernisation of older building exteriors
  • Solutions for new architecte
  • And much more

Unique designs with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

heroal now offers an even greater variety of colours for windows, doors and façades. Le Corbusier colours create natural harmonies in any imaginable combination. Discover our unique variety of colour combinations with our colour configuration tool and find your colour inspiration.

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier >

Design variety by heroal

heroal offers comprehensive possibilities for all requirements and styles. See for yourself. We would be happy to advise you on the design possibilities for your building project. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

Brochure surface coating >

  • Bright and long-lasting colour
  • Comprehensive RAL colour palette
  • Various gloss levels
  • Industry-exclusive bending and edging service
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Custom garage doors

heroal roller garage doors can be adapted to your exact wishes and are suitable for every installation situation.

Rolller garage doors >

Custom windows

With heroal windows you can choose from a variety of colors and shapes to find the windows that best suit you and your home.

Custom windows >

Custom front doors

heroal front doors can be configured from a comprehensive range of colours and designs and are manufactured to customer specifications.

Custom front doors >

Custom sun protection

heroal sun protection offers numerous options ranging from colour design and textile type to different opacities and degrees of shading.

Sun protection >

heroal stands for quality

Demanding guidelines require the highest degree of safety and reliability from the processes that heroal uses. The tested result is optimal colour uniformity, light fastness and weather resistance.

  • We are an official GSB Premium Coater with the "Approved Premium Coater" seal of quality.
  • Qualicoat Class 2 quality seal
  • Strict performance specifications and testing for the award
  • Ongoing monitoring by institutes
  • Quality assurance by our in-house laboratory

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The heroal promise

When it comes to how we live and work, the most important thing is having choices. heroal knows that. As a family-run company with more than 140 years of experience, we believe that when it comes to quality, there are no compromises. That is why our products give you a way to create ideal solutions for nearly any requirement. As a technology leader, we believe that quality means more efficiency, more reliability and more performance – solutions that are "SIMPLY. BETTER."

  • over 3,500 specialist partners worldwide
  • products with tested quality
  • family-run company with a long tradition
  • made in Germany
  • personalised design
  • comprehensive range of services
  • superior technical solutions