Security shutters

Best burglary protection with aluminium and stainless steel roller shutters from heroal.

Effective protection against burglars

For many people, the security of their own home and their family is getting more and more important when building their own house or thinking about modernisation. With certified roller shutters from heroal, you deter burglars, or at least ensure that they are discouraged and give up. Security roller shutters from heroal are durable, offer excellent quality, and meet highest security requirements and burglary protection standards. The material selection ranges from aluminium to double-walled stainless steel.

What makes heroal security roller shutters stand out?

Robust and durable

heroal security roller shutters with robust roller shutter panels and foam-filled aluminium or stainless steel roller shutter slats are extremely strong and resistant. Thanks to a wide range of optional security equipment, heroal security roller shutters can be perfectly adapted to your security requirements.

Tested burglary resistance

heroal security roller shutters made from aluminium meet the requirements of resistance class RC 2, recommended by the police. If made from stainless steel, they offer additional protection including RC 3. If combined with heroal security windows, they even provide for resistance class RC 4.

Almost invisible security equipment

heroal roller shutters can be perfectly adapted to your security requirements, thanks to a wide range of almost invisible security equipment. This includes anti-lift devices, aluminium angle end strips, security locks and end strips, as well as guide rails with reinforcement inserts providing for additional security.

What makes heroal security shutters stand out?

Roller shutter box

Roller shutter box - The burglar-resistant, extruded covers of the heroal roller shutter box made of a high-quality aluminium alloy are available in resistance classes RC 2 and RC 3. This is ensured by wall thicknesses of more than 3 mm, a safety lock that can only be opened with a special key, and box caps made of resistant steel.

Anti-lift device

Anti-lift device - It is often easy for burglars to break into your house by simply pushing up the roller shutters. A double anti-lift device prevents burglars from using physical force to push the roller shutter upwards. The first part of the device is a link anti-lift mechanism in the box, which wedges itself and pushes the shutters down. The second is a tilt latch in the area of the end slat. When closed, this latch folds out and prevents the shutters from being pushed up.


Aluminium - Aluminium or stainless steel - All components of the security shutters are made of aluminium or stainless steel with extra thick walls. This makes your security shutters particularly stable and durable. For customers with increased security needs, heroal security shutters are also available in stainless steel for additional burglary protection.

Guide rail

Guide rail - All heroal roller shutters have an extremely strong extruded guide rail and contain a crosspiece for safety locking. This makes it difficult to push up or pry open the roller shutter curtain.

Tilt latch end slat

Tilt latch end slat - Due to the three-part, tilt latch end slat, it is not possible to pry open, push up or rip out the shutters.

heroal security roller shutters up to RC 3

heroal RS 55 SL

  • anti-lift device "Click Stop"
  • special foam mixture of aluminium roller shutter slat
  • aluminium panel box

heroal RS 37 RC 2

  • resistance class RC 2
  • aluminium roller shutter slat
  • extruded aluminium panel box

heroal RS 37 RC 3

  • resistance classes RC 3, RC 4 in combination with heroal windows
  • stainless steel roller shutter slat
  • extruded aluminium panel box

Certified security shutters

Maximum burglary protection

Make sure burglars have no chance by combining heroal stainless steel security shutters with our security windows. When combined, this increases to RC 4, which corresponds to the highest requirements for security and burglary protection recommended by the police.

Tested burglary resistance

The burglar resistance of heroal security shutters is certified by the Institute for Window Technology (ift-Rosenheim). heroal aluminium security shutters meet the resistance classes RC 2, heroal security shutters made of stainless steel meet the resistance class RC 3. This ensures that burglars are effectively prevented from entering or are immediately deterred.


Advantages of heroal security roller shutters at a glance

Roller shutters from heroal offer you ideal protection against burglary and, in combination with heroal security windows, have been tested including resistance class RC 4. See for yourself and select your heroal security roller shutter from different security categories. Use the heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator near you quickly and easily.

  • burglary protection according to your personal security preferences, including RC 4
  • the materials aluminium and stainless steel provide for maximum security
  • compatible with all standard smart home systems, for control and presence simulation
  • wide range of additional security equipment

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