Vertical awning

Use of the patio canopy regardless of the weather. Protection from wind, rain and prying eyes.

Vertical awning

Vertical sun protection and protection from prying eyes for patio canopies

Would you like to use your patio as often as possible? Then a patio canopy is exactly what you need. Equipped with a vertical awning, your patio can be used even more flexibly, regardless of the weather. The sun is especially low in the sky in the early morning and evening, or on mild autumn days. Then a vertical awning is the ideal solution to provide protection against the sun and glaring light – at the touch of a button. At the same time, it keeps prying eyes away. When the wind gets stronger, a vertical awning creates a sheltered room under your patio canopy. Learn more about vertical awnings for patio canopies now.

What is so special about heroal vertical awnings?

Made in Germany

heroal products are characterised by a spirit of innovation combined with highest quality. The vertical awning by heroal is yet another outstanding example of best quality „Made in Germany“.

Easy care

The textile used for the vertical awning heroal VS Z OR is very easy to clean and maintain. If not needed, the awning retracts into the patio canopy. That way, the textile is perfectly protected against all kinds of weather and soiling.

Wind resistant

Even stronger squalls do not cause any problem for heroal vertical awnings. Similar to an air lock, it provides reliable protection against squalls and draught – even when the wind gets stronger, thanks to the reliable zip technology.

Vertical awning heroal VS Z OR

The zip-guided sun protection awning heroal VS Z OR can be perfectly integrated into the patio canopy system heroal OR – even at a later date. The 90° cubic box design and the fully integrating installation create a very harmonious appearance. The textile sun protections are made of transparent mesh fabrics that, by means of reflection, make it possible to reduce sun radiation by up to 75%. At the same time, UV-radiation is filtered by up to 98 %. The innovative zip technology makes sure that the sun protection textile runs very smoothly and reliably in its guide rails, withstanding high wind speeds. heroal VS Z OR vertical awnings cover widths up to 6 m and heights up to 3 m without the need of any centre guidance. This way, heroal VS Z OR vertical awnings provide for an optimal room climate and protection against prying eyes when under your patio canopy on hot days, and reliable protection against draught when it gets chilly outside.

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Design variants of heroal vertical awning

Advantages of vertical awnings

Protection against glaring light

Depending on the time of day and the season, the sunlight hits your patio at a lower angle. A vertical awning provides protection from direct sun radiation when the sun is low in the sky, enabling you to enjoy your time on the patio without being blinded by the sun – at sunrise or sunset, in spring, summer or autumn.

Protection against prying eyes

Would you like to enjoy some undisturbed time on your patio and keep prying eyes out? A vertical sun protection for your patio canopy creates additional room for privacy and protects you from prying eyes.

Protection from wind and weather

Vertical awnings are ideally suited to protect you against draught or wind and rain on windy and rainy days. So you can enjoy the sheltered patio space, even if the wind changes direction.


  • Where can I buy heroal vertical awnings?

    heroal vertical awnings are exclusively available from heroal specialist partners, as they are individually manufactured and adapted to each installation situation. Please use our heroal specialist partner search to find a suitable fabricator in your area, and get assistance in finding the perfect protection against the sun and prying eyes.

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  • Can vertical awnings from heroal also be used for other canopies?

    The vertical awning heroal VS Z OR has been perfectly adapted to the patio canopy heroal OR, and provides for a very harmonious integration. For canopies from other manufacturers, the sun protection systems heroal VS Z and heroal VS C can be used to create vertical awnings.

  • Are vertical awnings from heroal made to measure?

    Have your vertical awning manufactured to meet your individual needs and requirements. Our competent specialist partners tailor your awnings to ideally suit the size of your patio canopy. At heroal, you can choose between a wide range of RAL chart colours, exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours and innovative heroal surface designs (heroal SD), enabling you to create true to detail wooden, concrete or rust looks for the profiles of your vertical awnings. That way, your sun protection can be perfectly adapted to the look of your patio canopy and house. Your individual sun protection is rounded off by a textile that perfectly meets your requirements and demands on design. When sun protection and the look of your patio are perfectly matched, they add to the visual appeal and value of your home.

  • Can vertical awnings from heroal be controlled electrically?

    Sun protection at the touch of a button – only when you really need it. As standard, vertical awnings by heroal are electrically controlled. Use a hand transmitter, push button, remote control or your smart phone for control. In addition, electric vertical awnings by heroal are compatible with all standard Smart Home systems, enabling you to control your awnings on your way. Furthermore, smart vertical awnings give you the opportunity to react to rain, wind or light intensity – for highest flexibility.

Advantages of heroal vertical awnings at a glance

  • High resistance to wind
  • 95 % less UV-radiation
  • 75 % less sun radiation
  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Use of patio canopy regardless of the weather

Brochure vertical awning

  • Protection against sun, glaring light and prying eyes
  • Made in Germany
  • Compatible with patio canopy system heroal OR
  • Suited for a retrofit at a later date

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