4 lis 2019

Optimised sliding door system for upscale residential and commercial construction

With its aluminium sliding door system heroal S 65, heroal adds a system to its range of products that is characterised by very easy production processes and an innovative sash design and suited for the upscale private residential as well as commercial construction. The system will be launched at the trade fair Batimat in Paris.

heroal S 65

heroal S 65 is a modern aluminium sliding door system for upscale private residential buildings and commercial projects, which makes large passage openings between living space and outdoors possible because of the sash sliding open sideways. The sliding door system heroal S 65 offers outstanding advantages in terms of an especially efficient and reliable production and fulfils all demands on a highly heat insulated, technically mature sliding door. The filigree look – especially of the central joint – and large glazings create rooms flooded with light and fascinating views, merging the space with the landscape beyond.

The two-track sliding door system stands out because of its innovative design: the sash profiles guarantee best possible resistance to warping because of the use of new insulating strips.

The insulating strips have been especially developed for the sliding door system and, due to their excellent static features, make the manufacture of very large sashes possible while at the same time offering ideal protection against warping of the profiles due to temperature differences (bi-metal effect).

During the design of the system, particular attention was paid to optimising production as regards economy of time and simplified processes. For the first time, the newly developed labyrinth profiles are integrated into the production of the sash profiles. This way, production times are reduced – the separate installation of these profiles during the manufacture of the sashes is no longer necessary. In addition, the labyrinth profile provides for a very narrow central joint with a face width of only 62 mm, although all of the four corners of the sash are mitre-cut in one production step. Cutting in the composite profile is also no longer necessary, since the new insulating strips effectively minimise the bimetallic effect even without further processing. Furthermore, the entire system consists of a reduced number of components for the sake of keeping its complexity as low as possible. That way, the efficient and reliable processing of the system can be guaranteed.

heroal S 65

In addition to the advantages during processing, heroal S 65 stands out for its efficiency and ease of use, offering architects, planners and private owners an appealing solution for upscale residential buildings and efficient projects. The system is rounded-off by various options for individual design thanks to highly weather-resistant heroal powder coatings in almost all RAL-chart colours, Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours or the surface refinement heroal SD.