28 sty 2019

heroal Project Service

Tobias Thiemann, Head of Project Sales, explains in an interview what it is that makes heroal Project Service special.

Why does heroal offer a special Project Service?

There are two major reasons why we have added the field of Project Service to our range of services. Firstly, the typical division between fabricators marketing to resellers on the one side and contractors for building projects on the other side has become less defined in recent years. Our customers grow significantly as a result of increasing their business in the area of individual objects, for example landmark buildings, or special commercial and residential building projects. Secondly, we have made considerable investments into product development, production and coating technology, which enables us to set new industry standards especially in the field of individual objects. Our young team strives to break new ground in construction industry, particularly building projects, not only looking for our own benefit, but also to benefit fabricators, architects and investors.


Who is the target group of heroal Project Service?

Our primary goal as heroal Project Service is to provide optimal support for our customers. By supporting our fabricators in the object acquisition, quotation and production planning phase, we have helped them to process more orders than in the past. Especially in today’s times, when the building projects on the market exceed the given capacities, it is essential to identify the right projects and to benefit from the right choices together with our customers.

On the basis of the good teamwork between the executing business – generally the contractor – and heroal Project Service we achieve optimal solutions for builders and investors; both for objects with standard solutions and for building projects with individual object solutions.


Which services are a part of heroal Project Service?

Within the scope of our consultancy, we focus on offering a technically sound, efficient and most sustainable solution for each single building project. Our Project Service starts by choosing the right profiles, in order to meet the existing requirements on the building. These requirements may include specific heat transfer coefficients, resistance classes or soundproofing values, or even static challenges. We have available our existing range of systems or develop special object solutions, if this is required for design reasons or technical specifications.

We also provide support for tenders and assist the architect as the choice of suppliers or sub-contractors is made. It is vital to find the suitable fabricator for a specific building project. For a lot of architects and general contractors, it is often challenging to have enough bids on the table at the right time. We try to act as an intermediary in this case, knowing the capacities and competencies of our customers and thus contributing to a timely and fair order placement. To do that, we process all data and information from the service specifications in a way that the fabricator can assess the potential order quickly and clearly and at minimum cost.


What makes heroal Project Service stand out?

A particular advantage of our Project Service lies in the material calculation, which we pass to the fabricator when we refer a potential order or quotation request to him. On the basis of the service specifications, we establish an exact list of materials required for the building project, which we provide digitally to import directly into the fabricator’s calculation software. From our experience, quotations can be created much faster that way. This is because the time needed for the calculation of a project represents a bottleneck for the fabricator.

Once we have prepared a list of required materials, our customer can rely on us that his offer includes all the material that is needed for the specific object – including coating, profile connection, protective foil and 100 % objective quality control. We also supply a number of different lengths. It is our aim to produce in a project-oriented way in order to eliminate as far as possible the loss of material due to cutting. This is desirable both from an economic and ecological perspective.

How well-positioned is the Project Sales department?

By now, we are represented with additional project services in nearly all European markets. In all of heroal’s markets, we try to support the involved tradesmen as best as we can.

More information on www.heroal.de/bau-munich

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