Sun protection roller shutters

The cosy look of a textile interior combined with the advantages of a roller shutter.

Sun blinds

The new generation of sun protection

We believe that modern sun protection has to be able to do more than just provide shade. That is why heroal rs hybrid sun blinds combine the advantages of roller shutters and textile sunshades. This improves not only the sun protection, but also the living comfort. On the exterior, the heroal rs hybrid is made of aluminium, which ensures safety and wind resistance. A textile on the exterior provides a cosy look. The heroal rs hybrid features nearly silent operation and a space-saving winding diameter. This makes it perfect for a wide range of applications and also exceptionally easy to install.

What makes heroal rs hybrid blinds so special?


The heroal rs hybrid not only saves space – with a maximum width of 2.5 metres and maximum height of 2.4 metres it is also suitable for extra high and extra wide openings. Our specialist partners will take measurements at your home to make sure that the outdoor blinds fit perfectly.

Optimum weather protection

The heroal rs hybrid not only offers optimal glare and heat protection, but also shields you from wind and hailstorms. Since our sun blinds have a similar structure to heroal roller shutters, they are highly wind-resistant (wind resistance class 4) and offer strong protection against hail damage (hail impact class 3).


Our specialist partners will install your heroal rs hybrid sun blinds quickly and professionally without making a mess. We have a solution for every installation situation and are ready to meet your requirements.

Learn more about rs hybrid sun blinds

Design possibilities for sun blinds

The heroal rs hybrid offers a wide range of design options. The sun blinds are available in a wide range of colours so that they can make a perfect match for your home. Our industry-leading surface coating not only provides a premium look, but also ensures colour stability in the long term. Popular exterior colors include:

If you choose the heroal rs hybrid in a shutter box, you have many options for integrating it with the look of your house. The shutter box is available in every colour, which means that it offers many design possibilities and is a perfect solution for retrofitting and renovation. heroal's highly weather-resistant powder coating ensures an extremely high-quality surface with high weather resistance.

Installation types for heroal rs hybrid sun blinds

Renovation insulation box

The heroal rs hybrid renovation insulation box is specially designed for renovations and guarantees perfect RAL colour coordination with the windows. This solution is also exceptionally energy-efficient thanks to thermal separation from the window.

Surface-mounted insulation box

The heroal rs hybrid in a surface-mounted insulation box is a highly flexible system for shallow installation depths. Thermal separation from the window also ensures excellent insulation and high energy efficiency.

Insulation box

The heroal rs hybrid in an insulation box is specially designed for installation in passive houses. This highly thermally insulated solution also offers energy-efficient solutions for modernisation projects.

Front-mounted box

The heroal rs hybrid in a front-mounted box saves space and can be integrated into nearly any setting. The stable, safe top-mounted box solution is ideally suited for installation in window soffits and has a small box size.

Flush-mounted box

The heroal rs hybrid in a flush-mounted box is the ideal solution for existing façade architecture. The heroal rs hybrid in a flush-mounted box allows easy and safe installation in a window soffit. This allows the appearance of the façade to be perfectly preserved.

Further advantages of heroal rs hybrid sun blinds

  • smart home compatible
  • controllable with wall transmitter, remote control or smartphone
  • possible to fully darken the rooom
  • qiet operation

  • stable and durable
  • easy to clean and low-maintenance
  • pleasant interior look with textile surface
  • suitable for any installation situation

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